Saturday, January 22, 2011

there was once

On the Hungarian Archives Portal they published a material which is very exciting even for the layman: the maps of the so-called Second Military Survey of all Hungary, made during the 19th century. The maps are connected with Google Maps, so the current and former states can be viewed in parallel, and you can even project them onto each other by gradually changing transparency. As you can see, the former military cartographers made quite a thorough job, in many places even solitary trees were indicated.

In this double image you can see the crossing Göncöl Street and Fiastyúk Street and their surrounding with the housing estate built in the 50s, and with the 19th-century condition of the area to the left.
The memory of the former Teufelsmühle is now preserved by the Ördögmalom (Devil’s Mill) Street not far from here, at the Béke-Tatai Housing Estate.

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