Máglya Lane

On this page we have initially shared the efforts of the civil gardeners of Máglya Lane in Budapest’s industrial Angyalföld district.

Our main interest is whether it is possible to achieve positive changes by way of individual efforts, with interested and supportive locals, and possibly with some degree of institutional support, even in very small things, such as the development and mainentance of green areas, as we did it in the past two years.

At the end of 2011 we have summarized in detail the results of our activity HERE and HERE. These involved, besides our own time, work and financial contribution, also the support of the local government. We thought that in the interest of the long-term effect of our project it would be very useful both for ourselves and for others if we documented in detail all this on this surface. In the area, primarily along Tahi Street, there are more and more people taking care of relatively small areas and front-yards, partly from their own resources and partly taking advantage of the applications announced by the local government. We also would like to present these gardens as well as the opportunities and successful cases of local gardening.

In the future we would like to run this blog in an extended form where we would report on the local history, cultural and community events and civil initiatives of our wider environment, as well as on other urban gardens and green ambitions.

Three Things Necessary

our weak point is the Will, that is, a more even distribution of the works, because we are still very few
To everyone

many thanks for the enthusiastic applications by letter and word after the last gardening post
early summer works in Máglya Lane and Tahi Street

last Sunday, the third of June we worked a good deal again
on the death of a swamp hibiscus

when I ran downstairs, I just saw the very cut which arranged it
works in May

we have planted a lot of things again
1st of April

this afternoon I have pruned some bushes and made a quick photo of most of our plants of the last year
some pictures on the tulips

these are so small yet that they can be easily trampled or cut together with the grass, but it is already a great joy that they have come out

biking on the way home from the City Grove I stopped at Gábor’s house to look around in the garden
thanks, we’re well

whether I am the one who says that trees must be protected, and they also saw when I was protecting them, and he is very grateful for that, really


a little summary follows, mainly about the winter devastations
Valentine’s day

yesterday morning a goldfinch came to the feeder, and it was so disheveled and thin as if it were composed only of a half-handful of feathers and two pearl eyes
earth ordering

so here we are, it goes indeed incredibly slow. the document finally stamped on 25 January was sent over in a few minutes in e-mail

I have just been called from Főkert to check in details on what kind of earth I intend to order
nature trail and fallen leaves

the collector of fallen leaves assembled by us in the front-yard of our garden seems to work well
earth, garden, kind of this stuff

it seems that at Főkert they are really not accustomed to provide service to the general public in the form as I have thought
new year, new hopes, and the deposits of the old one

on Sunday we cleaned up a bit in the garden in Máglya Lane, we picked up the garbage and made three new containers out of pallets

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