Saturday, March 16, 2013

And it also happened

in the last week, when, you see, it was still spring, that I have checked the last year’s tulips which we planted here and there as guerilla guardeners. And they grew out again! Ok, still it is not that spectacular, but there’s a supporting evidence from next to the Cella Trichora.

Our efforts hitherto done for Budapest, the City of Tulips can be found here with a detailed documentation.

However, last year we planted them too late, which is bad because they need cold to produce flowers, plus the bulb gains strength in the ground, I guess, filtrating the energy into itself in the form of minerals. I mean it <i>would</i> gain strength, had we planted them at a good time, sometime between August and October. Actually, we planted them in early December, as far as I remember. Since all tulips know that they would be judged on their flowers, therefore they have compensated the late planting by growing very efficient stubby litle stems, as they could just afford, and they developed the flowers on the top of them. I’m curious whether this year they would be slim giants. Keep with us.

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