Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A new secret garden in the city, have a look!

on Friday and Saturday morning you can already pick up the backpack / willow basket / IKEA bag / children, sit on the bike / tram / car and head to Margit utca, the Buda bridge head of Margaret Bridge, where now opens and from now regularly works the Margit Market, converted into a flea market on Sunday and into a music / dance / show garden in the evening. To anticipate a bit of the atmosphere, the pictures of the garden have already featured here, and since then it has been developed in full swing, so that ultimately they invite everyone interested with this beautifully composed poster:

For the sake of those unfamiliar with the area, here you are a map which indicate that you have to walk up a bit from the bend of Margaret’s Boulevard along the street leading up the hill, towards Gül Baba’s Türbe:

Margit utca on a larger map

We hope this place and market would be integrated into the circulation of the city’s everyday life. If you go there, write us what you saw!

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