Thursday, May 10, 2012

"I love to live in Hungary, because the moon and the stars belong to it"

The eighth district’s Vajda Péter Street’s blog links to our project The City of Tulips with a beautiful and detailed documentation. Bulbs have been planted at the corner of Vajda Péter and Delej streets, at the statue of Krleža, and next to the building of the Corvinus University. The lesson seems clear: there is both good and bad here.

VAN ITT JÓ IS, ROSSZ IS (There is both good and bad here) - director: Macskássy Katalin; photography: Bacsó Zoltán, Halász Gábor; editor: Hap Magda; sound engineer: Zsebényi Béla; music: Sáry László; expert: Schiffer Pál; production director: Mikle Judit; 1997.

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