Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Two photos by Ács Irén from Angyalföld



The little girls building a dollhouse out of a small table, a stool and a cricket can be around fifty-six or fifty-seven now. On this picture there is no identifying element, on the basis of which one could localize the site, but the atmosphere is nevertheless characteristic.
The bill-poster (?) smiling into the camera is no longer alive, I think, or if he is, he must be well over hundred. The site, however, has been brilliantly identified by the community of the Budapest anno… forum. No train circulates any more along this line, the cobblestone of the road has been also long replaced, the stone-covered sidewalks have also been eliminated across all Angyalföld, and the building standing in the background was demolished in this autumn (on the Google map it is still on its place). The advertising pillar once stood on Váci Street, next to the corner of Dévai street. Just a block away, at Váci Street 50 is now the Angyalföld Collection of Local History..
(I think I should take a new photo from the same point of view.)

These photos by Ács Irén were published in her album Légyott/Rendezvous.

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