Gardens of others

In this section we would like to continuously report on as many non-governmental initiative, operating community garden and green project as possible.

Interesting street furniture, design elements, street art actions, all kind of unique or adaptable ideas can also come here.

If you have a project you want to give news about, or you consider noteworthy that of others, write us!
a mallow garden

for nearly a year I have wanted to talk with those who have created and cared for this flower shower
Košice, garden of the block house in Tatranská

as if a forest path started between the long house block and the garage row built on the top of the adjacent slope
Corvin: a new community garden

in the eighth district, along the Corvin Promenade, organized by the Center for Contemporary Architecture
Margit street 9, market and phenomenon scene

converted into a flea market on Sunday and into a music / dance / show garden in the evening
Margit street nine

something very exciting is in preparation here. exactly what, will soon turn out
the rise of the Dragon Playground

another initiative, from the community aspect much more successful than mine, I’m just reading it with great joy
glass-house garden in the courtyard of the former Corvin Department Store

from recycled materials, by the Center for Contemporary Architecture

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