Monday, February 21, 2011

mere place

we gathered quite a lot, a little over fifty, on 13 February for the visit of the former liqueur factory, announced by the collection of local history. Unfortunately on the site it turned out that although there are a lot of interesting industrial monuments around Váci Street, just this one does not belong to them. In addition, behind the facade, made completely inexpressive by now, various companies rent offices, so we could go only as far as the courtyard, where the only temporary object of interest was the enthusiastic and curious team made up by many kind of people which were us. Two of us talked at length with a driver who for thirty years delivered all over the country the drinks prepared here, and now came to visit the site just out of curiosity, and after a few warm-up questions told about all kinds of issues. He did not remember any brand names any more, but he knew that there was a general three star cognac for the commons and a five star version, a kind of a limited edition, delivered only for those deserving it, especially for the former party leadership.
The participants slowly soaked away in the hard cold. A few nostalgic remembrances and a couple of photos going from hand to hand proved that we were on the right track, that once there was something here.

I got the pictures for publication from the collection of local history

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