Sunday, January 8, 2012

Unknown brothers

In the one day in the city blog I have found another initiative, similar to mine, but much more successful from the community aspect, I am just reading with great joy now:
There are many reasons why it works so much better for them with which I struggle so much: for example, there are many young people there, families with little children are perhaps more susceptible of the environment and more committed to shaping the future, and the playground is also a more popular topic, the district of Zugló is a more stable medium, the residents wealthier in the average, the environment more favorable from a socio-cultural point, in the young residential parks people are rather owners than just tenants, and therefore they feel more responsibility towards the environment…
in any case, this is a sign that there are people like this, and if you manage to find them, then life becomes suddenly much, much better.
And that’s the only thing in which we perhaps might trust: that in the non-governmental civil sphere there are many such people, seeking, active, not numb, not cynical. If somewhere, then in them there might be potential to improve things.

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