Monday, January 9, 2012

Running out of time - THE CITY OF TULIPS

Concerning tulips, I had a plan I found out back in October: to organize a civil play, nothing complicated, only that if anyone is in the mood, buys a few tulip bulbs and plants it anywhere in the city, in various public areas. (According to experts, the best period for planting tulip bulbs is November to January.) Then he/she would mark on a common map of Budapest here in the blog where his/her tulips would bloom. I even had an ideology for that: last autumn, after the Polish elections there was a very popular meme there, which made news even in Hungary for a couple of days: let us have Budapest in Warsaw! Well, if you want it so, why not, take Budapest, we will not cry after it, but then a vacancy arises, so in Budapest we could have, let us say, the city which is world famous for its flowers, Keukenhof!

The map has just been prepared, and my bulbs will be ruined in the cellar, so I go and plant them. Whoever wants, let him/her do likewise. I am looking for people joining the plan in comments. I will plant my ones at the ruins of the early Christian chapel, and the rest I will find out.
Only 6-8 weeks, and spring is here!

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