Tuesday, January 24, 2012

work, January

the collector of fallen leaves assembled by us in the front-yard of our garden seems to work well; since someone a couple of months ago threw a foam mattress and a surplus carpet into it, there was no similar case. The other we constructed last week next to it is in order, too. However, into the two boxes built for the other garden they threw all kind of waste, from beer cans to construction litter. The reason might be that those living there have not yet seen our continuous work, and therefore has not yet been established even that minimum level of necessary cooperation that they do not destroy what we do; but it can also come from a lack of interpretation, or from that phenomenon, characteristic of the culture of poverty, that any new element suitable for containing is interpreted as a waste deposit. To improve this, I have made a new inscription as an experiment, and also increased the font size of the existing one. So far I could have laminated only two sheets. I nailed them onto the boxes this morning, but maybe I will make some more.

This container, made of pallets helps us to keep the garden in order during the winter,
and it also helps the animals living around us. We have prepared it for
containing fallen leaves, please do not throw any litter into it!

and this is the old one, with larger letters (the first paragraph is the same, while the rest describes the way of life of the hedgehogs using the containers filled with fallen leaves as a winter hostel).

(The hanging branch belongs to a forsythia, already full of buds.)

The next task is to bring the litter accumulated this far into garbage and selective collectors, I had no time for that in the morning. I am thinking what we can do if garbage starts to re-accumulate; possibly nothing more than this, or if it continues like this, we will have to break the containers, which would be a shame. Meanwhile, in the lack of time I could not yet prepare the sheets with various inscriptions, called “nature trails” by L., although it is time to do so, because otherwise maybe they may be amortized before the development is complete, we have seen examples for that.

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