Saturday, January 21, 2012

earth, garden, kind of this stuff

until we immersed in the stories of earth, the spaceship has evaporated in the evening garden…

it seems that at Főkert they are really not accustomed to provide service to the general public in the form as I have thought, as in a whole week we could not arrive at having a quote via e-mail. However obvious this cooperation seemed, now I try to find someone other with whom it is smoother and we finally get earth from somewhere.

I still have not written the experience of the presentations of community garden organized in the Sirály, but one of the great differences was between the various enthusiastic new-leftist young people and Gábor Rosta that the former presented community/public gardens as a kind of an extra-institutional alternative community (and often explicitly a form of romantic resistance), while Rosta as a future task of public institutions. This latter seemed much more convincing, effective and logical to me, for what else do we keep institutions for if not to support the public in various areas?
At the same time I continuously see how much the institutions are not aware of this task in Hungary, and with how much difficulty even the simplest things go on.

Yesterday someone asked for my text about the hedgehog, whether I can print one for him, as he would like to make one like that, too. :)

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