Monday, January 16, 2012

work, January

on Sunday we cleaned up a bit in the garden in Máglya Lane, we picked up the garbage and made three new containers out of pallets. They are nice. As we did not intend them for compost, but as winter hostel for small animals, we put branches in the bottom to create a loose, rambling place, and we covered it with an insulating layer made of fallen leaves. We did not collect too much, because the municipal workers took away too much in the autumn, and whatever has remained this far makes a good service as an insulating layer on the soil, too, so many fresh sprouts of spring flowers hide beneath them, we did not want to move it too much. In these days I plan to prepare an inscription for the boxes, not about the hedgehog, but another which I have been planning for a long time about the birds living in the neighborhood, another on the plants, and a third one with a short text of local history and some photos. If someone has old photos on the neighborhood which would willingly share, here he/she can do it.

On the pallets I have long wanted to write. We received them in December as a gift for the garden. We have found some enthusiastic helpers in Tatai Street, in a large warehouse, where we told that we need them as civil gardeners, so they willingly gave us some of the non-Euro-conform pallets, and as we are near to them, they even transported them to us en route, just for friendship. I am sorry that at that time we had no time to write, to take photos and to say thanks via the blog, because although I gave them some blog stickers, I am not sure they keep following it. :)
But I am still thinking about what else we could use it. The pallet is an extremely versatile and inspiring building element. In the spring I will see how long the momentum takes us. Others in other conditions have built such things of it in a community garden:

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