Wednesday, August 8, 2012


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the demolition of the Váci-Madarász-Fiastyúk-Föveny Streets block has been going on for months, in the spring we have already taken a series of pictures on it, which I have not yet published – now, retrospectively, I will pick myself up –, but this morning I have made new photos on the demolition which has recently got a new impetus. An office building called Váci Greens will be built in the place of the block. The reported in June that building A has already reached its highest point, and that the office building is expected to be delivered in the spring of 2013. You can read more details on the project here and here, according to the preliminary designs it will look something like this:

I have some doubts about who would willingly rent any office – however well provided with eco-certifications – just on this bitterly developing, dusty, noisy, suburban trace of Váci Street, but for the residential area behind it it will be certainly good if there will be a tall silencer band of buildings along the Váci street ;> They promise that the office building will include the establishment of a spectacular community space, which will be open to the residents of the area. Let us see it!


(a puzzle: where was the dove?) ;>

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