Friday, March 23, 2012

thanks, we're well

in the afternoon with great difficulty I found two hours to prune the small hedgerow planted in the autumn in front of the gate. Then, once I was there, I also watered them a bit, as they already started to dry out. And I also collected the garbage, and I pruned whatever I encountered and asked me to do so to it. On this occasion I got cold and heat as well. Specifically, from the old woman living next to me, that I obviously have no husband, neither two children, and in general nothing to do in this life, because then, she assures me, I would cleaning up at home and not just cutting here and there. But once I am there, go and prune the bushes under her window, too, because she knows that the joint representative of the house gets a lot of money for this, as she has seen it (!). Then a man of uncertain moving stopped there whether I am the one who says that trees must be protected, and they also saw when I was protecting them, and then yes, it is really me, and he is very grateful for that, really, but really. And then he told me that once he was in a conversation with a tree, but as he was drunken at that time, too, in the meantime he was robbed. That he was an iron turner in the Láng Machine Factory, but his mother is a pulmonologist. And he assures me that he ruined his life by marrying the Panni from the Tripolis neighborhood. And that sort of stuff. But he was a bull kid, he assures me. And the others, too. They beat everyone. They defended everyone. In the meantime he often apologized for being drunken again, and also for the swearings included as connecting elements. That he is really sorry.

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