Sunday, March 11, 2012


after such a long break it might not be fitting to start with so sad news, but these are at hand. a small summary follows, mainly about the winter devastations.
one morning the small evergreen bush at Gábor’s house, 42 Tahi Street which has already successfully survived the neighbor’s transplantation action and just started to wake up in the spring, has been stolen. We knew that such a thing must be reckoned with, there are many people who do not hesitate to take away whatever they like, but one feels sore about it, of course. However, the little and decorative magnolia tree which we were more anxious about because of the thieves, had a worse fate: it did not live to blossom, as it was broken in these days. Gábor says that someone likely went through it by bicycle.

On the other side court of Máglya Lane, in the containers made of pallets people continue to deposit garbage. If we will have time, we must clean it again, and then we’ll see, perhaps it will be the best to dismantle the whole thing.

Some shoots restarted last year on the trunk of a cut-out tree, and someone even decorated them in an inspired moment. Unfortunately, the creative ideas have been realized at the cost of the plant, but then everything has a price.

Some things have also been left from the general clearing out.

There are some good things, too. Someone, for example, began to plant here, the care is apparent on the stretched-out string. But I have doubts whether it will sprout, because it is dry as the stone. These thin rods should have been watered from time to time..

but! the afternoon light was so beautiful a short time ago, when the wind was chasing even more towering clouds. and trees will soon bring foliage again, we will prune the bushes, if we will have money we will continue to plant hedges…

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