Sunday, March 25, 2012


biking on the way home from the City Grove I stopped at Gábor’s house to look around in the garden. In a lucky hour, because this is how I met Tímea who was just developing a small flower garden under her window at the northwestern side of the house.

and she also planted a couple of flowers on the two sides of the nearby bench. A small brick frame marks the symbolic boundaries. It is a question how much it will protect them. .Perhaps if the nannies formed a circle of patronage and kept an eye on it…

moreover, Tímea also said that she had already seen our appeal to a common gardening in the last year, and this year she would like to come to help. And she also knew the experiment of community gardens of the Center for Contemporary Architecture, and, and, and… After the indifference experienced in our own house I am so elated even at the smallest encouraging signs, not to speak about such a happy encounter.

In the meantime I photographed a few things around.

Some bulb flowers and pansies have been planted in the front-yard: this was a separate action, not arranged by us. The mulch must be renewed a bit, we have a couple of spare bags in the cellar which we put aside just with the spring on our mind. It is not sure that the pomegranate would survive (a propos, I have forgot to check it), but the fig tree is strong and beautiful.

The plants in containers at the two sides of the gate are increasingly more beautiful. They seem to be watered, and someone even placed in one of them a small duck which had seen better days. Here she’s lurking.

I have cut back the yellow Cornus. I did not touch the hazel bush, as I saw that it had been cut back well in the last year, and now it is shaping itself very well with its fresh sprouts. The other bushes have also kindly confirmed that we are beginners and experimenters, but we started on a good way with pruning. I really like the way how they obediently thicken and develop their form.

Most plants really miss watering. The last serious rainfall was the snow in February, but that has long ago disappeared. Unfortunately the local government does not advance with the renewal of the irrigation system, and it is a question whether there will be anything out it. Without it, however, the hedgerow we have planted on the northern side will completely dry, and it will be a waste of money.

This is where last summer, when we were very tired after a long work, we took the fantastic and hot Thai soup, and two large trees gave us cool shade. Since some weeks they are not any more. Although there is no big traffic here around, they kept off both noise and dust from the side of the street, and made the garden behind them more closed and intimate. I think it will be within some 30 to 40 years that we’ll eat soup under them again, if we now plant them quickly.

this was the magnolia bush. well, it is done. in the nursery we tried to choose one with a nice shape and good proportion, not just any plant in its price category.

One of the coral sorbs at the public parking side of Máglya Lane is in a terribly battered condition. I think the neglect of irrigation did not really help it, but as the others look much better, perhaps the dogs living in the staircase also did their job.

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