Monday, November 5, 2012

autumn in the garden city

In the post of yesterday I have mentioned good and bad experiences. Let me put down right now a recent good one, about how inspiring it is if others work as well, and that if there is enough attention, the table-tennis of learning from each other immediately starts.

Since early summer I have been watching how beautifully the little garden around the gate at the corner of Tahi and Göncöl streets has been developing. No matter from which direction you came, you immediately discover it. In the neglecd, dusty little nothing they first built a small stone frame. It also involved breaking up a part of the concrete foundation of the sidewalk. This hard physical work, requiring machinery and experienc, must have been done by a professional. Then in the raised garden they also changed the soil. In the fresh soil, next to the unworthily hyped irises, they put quickly and densely growing simple one-summer flowers, these were already planted by the residents. They did not have to invest too much, since these grew really quickly, they only needed to be watered by some enterprising local aunts. The house has a common water hose, to be connected on the tap of the dustbin room.

All these details were counted by an aunt whom I found while weeding. I praised the spectacular change and the flowers, and she immediately said that it was learned from the neighboring garden that theirs should not remain so insignificant either. And she points towards the house of Gábor, where we planted the lavenders, pomegranate and fig tree. We did not want to miss – we turn a bit in the direction of the work competitions.

I have promised her to print a photo, I hope she will like it in this mosaic format.

ps.: if anyone knows a good printing office in the neighborhood, please send it in comment, because just recently I discovered that even the Copy General has moved from Váci Street!

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