Friday, November 16, 2012


I have to confess that I don’t love it.
I did not want to believe that while the neoclassical and eclectic monuments of the downtown are being pulled down without hesitation, this outdated and dispassionate monster designed by Péter Reimholz must remain there. It seems that the Domus Supermarket has been declared protected! This is also peculiar because this building which has lost its function I cannot imagine as successful in any other role: and then why?
Opened in 1974, the Domus of Budapest was for a while the largest home furnishing supermarket of all Eastern Europe, and together with the Domus network, the king of the socialist furniture sales. The competition situation after the change of regime (and of course the appearance of IKEA) did not help to Domus, which was unable to change its face, until in 2011, after a long agony, it permanently closed off. (In this photo it shows a relatively good face, compared to itself.)

In the weekend we will anyway take some photos of it, perhaps I will be able to discover some beauty in it through the unbiased glimpse of the photo objective. And what do you think about it? Mum – as at that time there was hardly any other furniture store – did we buy anything there? Perhaps that little red children’s furniture which, when rotated, was alternatively a chair and a table?
And you?

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