Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The melon demonstrator

Look at it well! then give me, say, this! a lot!

If you have not yet done so, then now the time has really come to bring out the bird feeders of the last year, or buy a new one if you do not have any. The simpler versions can also be made at home. The several aspects to be taken into account are described in the in-depth article of the Hungarian Ornithological Society. The bird feeder types suitable to different situations and bird species are described here in detail. At the beginning of the feeding season they always give feeding-related advices as well.

Previously, we wrote several times on the subject, so now I point out only the most important topics again.
- regularity is a life-saving basic rule! once give and then no, is worse than if we did not feed them at all, because disappointment can be fatal for the small birds of a rapid metabolism (so the best solution is to store at home a large package of bird food, which is enough for all the winter, well out of reach of pests)
- no bread or crumbs!
- no salted bacon!

- water always, regularly, in a shallow water-feeder! in great cold warm water is also a good solution, as it would freeze much later.
- from sunflower seed the small, black one is both cheaper and more suitable to the purpose than the tabby one with thick skin.
- cooked vegetables, apple, egg are real delicacies.
- curly or smooth red millet are a real titbit for chaffinches and other birds with a similar beak.

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