Monday, June 11, 2012

Early summer works in Máglya Lane and Tahi Street

Last Sunday, the third of June we worked a good deal again. Szilvi willingly offered to come to help if we also do a little order in the neglected front-yard of their staircase. Around mid-morning Gábor also recovered after the long Saturday night work, and the work we realized in three was already pretty impressive.
The houses in Tahi street are characterized by the front-yards which are getting more and more beautiful at a fast pace – a post with many photos on this is in preparation –, but just this house shows a very mixed image. There is a winter-killed hedgerow, spindled bushes, planted-out and dried-up and later for some reason amputated Christmas tree, but there is also an amazing cypress, many old rose bushes and all sorts of other wildly rampant plants. And of course, in most places the heaps of butts thrown out of the windows. Let us see the pictures.

The badly unstuck Christmas tree is a very sad sight, I have already taken a photo of it. It looked a bit like a tortured woodoo puppet. We have left it for now, it fell outside of our area of today.
Here there was a huge fig bush for decades (planted by the grandfather of one of the actual residents), until one of the neighbors suddenly and unexpectedly cut it out without an explanation. A lot of young shoots grow on its place. I will take one or two to Máglya Lane.

Next to the fig, the soil is densely covered by the sprawling lily of the valley.

I am still surprised to discover how much work can be given by a few square meters of green area. We have raked together several large sacks of garbage, we have cut back the overblown irises, took out the weeds, pruned here and there, but only very few now, past May. The former structure was gradually emerging, together with the about one meter long stone border built by someone for a couple of flower groups.

As we cut out the all-engulfing overgrown shrubs, bearbinds and and small wild nut sprouts, we found some striking plants. The hostae grew upon the sempervivia, a real odd couple. We have looked for a bit sunnier place for the latter.

Several people were interested in our work.
It was a real recreation that the passers-by did not say that we should leave it because it has no sense – as they usually say in Máglya Lane –, but that next time they would happily come to help. Cry over spilled milk, but Szilvi has made a label, counting for the next occasions:

Dear fellow residents!
Sunday morning, on 3 June we worked a bit in the fore-yard, we have raked it together, weeded out, made a bit of an order.
To make the garden really cared, further works are needed.
Not knowing the garden-caring traditions of the house, nevertheless we think it would be good to catch up with those who would willingly take part in them.
Please indicate if you have such intent.
We can do a lot for the garden also by caring about the upkeep of its tidiness.

I like it when people, even if they do not take a rake in their hands, stop by for some friendly words. It is interesting why the are more open in Tahi street, and much more unfriendly, even aggressive around Máglya Lane. It would be strange if the subtle difference in the size or quality of the flats, and the social gap arousing from it were the reason. I hope it is not so, but it is funny, anyway.
In Máglya Lane we were much more tired. There I took no photos, but we dragged the bags with the green waste on their places, we watered the place, dug a small catchment ditch for the hedgerow planted in the last year, we have fenced the more vulnerable little bushes with stakes (the pomegranate feels well!), and then we went, as István was already waiting us with fried catfish for the late afternoon lunch.

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