Friday, June 8, 2012

Our little performances

I like it when also other people show up who not only would like to do something, but also do something instead of the usual lipservice.
Kükü, for example, washed off the anti-Semitic abuses in Pozsonyi street! I confess that although I bike several times a week along this sand-and-gravel pyramid composition on a decorative brick frame placed on an amorphous gravel base when I come home to Angyalföld from Újlipótváros, but it never occurred to my mind that it could be the monument to whatever, and it has never tempted me to stop and look at it. If you had asked me, I think I would have guessed that it is some land survey object. Or perhaps a smart use of some construction residue? Anyway, next week I’ll take a closer look at it.
The photo was taken from the Fent és Lent (Top and Bottom) blog, where Kükü gives a detailed report on the documented action (in Hungarian).

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