Saturday, June 9, 2012

In the shadow of the big block

Near the historic center of Kassa/Košice, where at the beginning of the twentieth century still little houses, built along the street front, lined up in a village-like settlement structure, now we find prefabricated house blocks, built in the last third of the century and by now matured with suburban calmness. The narrow strip of garden runs here, just a few meters in width.

As if a forest path started between the long house block built along Tatranská and Štítová streets and the garage row built on the top of the adjacent slope: everywhere flowers, shrubs, trees lean towards the grassy road. We do not know whether this beautiful little garden, found by chance, was created in a common effort, or it is planned and maintained by a few dedicated and competent locals, but the very cleverly chosen plants and plant associations suggest that it is the work of skilled hands. The hard-to-plant-on, shady and steep slope is decorated and fixed by ground covers, while on the flat parts there luxuriate the flowers of May. The uniqueness and variety of the garden shows that it is not maintained by municipal managers, but developed on the basis of much more personal plans.
It would be good to do something like this. This is what we try to do.

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