Monday, June 11, 2012

The Jewish cemetery in Csömör set in order by civilians: would you help?

Next Sunday, that is on 17 June, volunteers will set in order the weed-grown Jewish cemetery in Csömör, which has been closed for decades. The maintenance of the cemetery is the task of the local government, who have been mowing twice a year, and who will now contribute with extraordinary waste delivery and by providing building materials to the new fence. The volunteers coming from Budapest and the local residents welcome any enthusiastic helpers to the few hours long work. It is practical to come in leisure suit; they can give tools and gloves to all. For more details check the site Csömör News!

The site of the Civil Association of Csömör already published some reviews commemorating the destroyed local Jewish community, here and here.

children’s graves in the cemetery of Csömör

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